MANL Services

Services offered to the MANL membership include:

Resource Centre
MANL currently possesses a collection of some 270 museum-related books and 850 articles in its Resource Centre. This material may be used by members and interested individuals at the office, or it may be borrowed for a designated period. It is also consulted by MANL's Professional Development Coordinator and resource people in the development of seminar materials.

Advisory Services
MANL's Professional Development Coordinator responds to requests for advice and information from museum committees, consulting firms and individuals. This takes the form of advisory meetings, the preparation of individualized packages of relevant resource material and/or the compilation of requested information, as required.

Museum Notes
As a supplement to its seminar program, MANL produces technical bulletins on selected topics from the full range of the museum studies curriculum. These "Museum Notes" are usually published in a one or two-page format and are distributed to the membership in tandem with the MANL Newsletter.

The Newsletter is published biannually (twice a year). It is the principal vehicle of communication with the membership. The Newsletter includes notices of professional development opportunities throughout Canada and is distributed in tandem with seminar registration forms and MANL's "Museum Notes."
MANL Newsletter - Summer 2018, Vol 36, No. 1

Certificate Course in Basic Museum Studies
MANL offers an introductory-level Museum Studies Certificate. This program has recently been revised and re-launched so check out the Professional Development section for details!

MANL conducts a yearly program of basic, intermediate and advanced level seminars to meet the range of professional development needs among museum workers, from entry-level to mid-career. On occasion, MANL cooperates with related organizations in offering certain seminar topics of mutual interest. MANL has traditionally coordinated access to one seminar offered on a yearly basis through the Canadian Conservation Institute. For the most up-to-date schedule, please see Events or contact MANL.

Annual Conference
In addition to the business of the Association, a program of museum visits and an information exchange between members, MANL's Annual Conference consists of presentations and discussions on museum-related topics. Approximately 80 delegates attend the Annual Conference and an average of 70 individuals attend the regional workshops. The number of participants in the "Seminars on Request" varies from year to year due to the number of seminars given.

The Association's publication and distribution of the Guidelines for the Operation of Community Museums in Newfoundland and Labrador is helping to set professional standards of operation for community museums with better trained staff and volunteers. The Summer Staff MANuaL provides organizations with a blueprint for training seasonal staff. MANL also produces The Beginner's Guide to Living History - a practical step-by-step guide presents the basic principles of living history interpretation and walks you through the process of developing your own small scale program. For more publications and resources visit our Publications page.

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